Monday, 20 of September of 2021

Colours & Fabrics

Scroll down for webbing colours and patterns:


Fleece Padding Colours to choose from: (click on the pics for a larger view)

Please bear in mind that you will only get a partial representation of the patterns, depending on the size of the collar ordered; particularly in the narrow width collars. Colours may vary a little.

3/8″ (Narrow & cat collars) Webbing Colours:


3/4″ (Medium) Webbing Colours:


1″ (Wide) Webbing Colours:


Printed / Woven Dog Collar Patterns:

3/8″ or Narrow Collar Patterns

3/4″ or Medium Width Collar Patterns

1″ or Wide Width Collar Patterns


Colours may be slightly different to the shades you see here РI do my best to represent the colours but photos, dye-lots,  and computer screens vary! Also the textures of the different webbings and fleeces vary a little as well.