Tuesday, 24 of May of 2016

Professionally handmade Dog Collars, Bandana Collars, Fleece Padded, Leads / Leashes, Cat collars


*News:* 11th April 2016 – Now based in the USA – new web-shop coming soon! Meanwhile, my etsy shop is open:CLICK HERE




Collars & leads, carefully handmade to order & size… just for your pet. I am a professional, trained 3D designer and since 2008, have made thousands of collars for all dogs; Chihuahuas & Chinese Cresteds to Irish Wolfhounds  & Newfoundlands, (and lots of cats, and even some pygmy goats!) – so everyone is welcome!

I supply several national animal rescue kennels and organisations.


email me:  ruth@paddedcollars.com


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Handmade in the USA

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